I am a jazz fan and trumpet player and knew nothing about accordian. But my neighbor plays accordian and invited me to Cotati festival. I was spellbound, transfixed, and fell out of my chair when I heard you. I immediately made plans to go to Vegas and again every time you played, it was magical. I want to see you at Monterey and other major jazz festivals because you are the best of the best of the best. If you can, please come to west coast jazz clubs like SFjazz and Yoshis. I honestly believe it is something historic like seeing a Charlie Parker or Clifford Brown at their peak. Your excitement, enthusiasm, and positive energy are so contagious. I could listen to you for hours and feel like only a minute went by. Thank you so so much for your incredible artistry.

Joseph Lavore

I played a cordovox through college in the wedding circuit in NY. when I graduated I sold the instrument for the money for a car to go to work. That was a mistake. I am nearing retirement and purchased the 4X and play an hour a night for my own pleasure. I stumbled on your videos on youtube and you have inspired me to play more. You make the accordion sing, talk, play and bring to life the rich sounds that the new electric accordions can make. You are a blessing to those you appreciate what you are doing. What a wonderful gift on top of hard work to get to your level. Thank you for bringing that gift to all willing to listen. Will watch your upcoming events and when you are near Florida I will be sure to attend. With much admiration and gratitude for skills. Joe Lavore

Anthony Grazziano

Someone who shows the world what an accordion can do.

Count Guido Deiro

The accordion's journey in this country began with its introduction and popularization by my father over a hundred years ago. He didn't live to see that journey nearly come to a stop, but if he could hear and see your genius he would agree, as I do, that you are extending that journey into the future.

Paul Rots

Cory ... Hi ... you don't know me, we have never met, I'm Vince Demor's grandfather, Paul Rots. I certainly know you through Vince. You have a loyal admirer in Vince. You are already a legend in the accordion world, what an accomplishment.

First of all, good luck in breaking the Guinness World Record for playing the accordion. I know that you will do it. Bravo for you.

Vince could not afford to attend the AAA or ATG festivals this year. He will really miss seeing you and his friends. Maybe next year.

By the way, you have a terrific website.

Good luck and bring home the record. Above all come home safely.

Paul Rots

John Carlevale

A Treasury of Rhode Island Jazz & Swing Musicians
is at and You have a Big article in it!!

Dennis Cantoni

Just wanted to thank you for the effort to make accordion "cool" again. I play another reed instrument - clarinet - and love the sound of the accordion so much that I bought a very old used instrument to teach myself how to play.

I was listening to an old Italian American podcast where you were interviewed. Enjoyed that interview and your TED talk.

Brian Stauff

Came to you through Pink Floyd's Scott Page's website, astounding! Never exposed to this king of accordion versatility.

R Siddons

Thanks for performing with Quinn Bachand's Gypsy Jazz in Nanaimo - unexpected, fabulous & Fun! You will visit again, I hope!

Mike ``Music Man``

Hi Cory,
It`s Mike ``Music Man`` from Montreal. I just want to thank you for the great concert you gave in September. Keep on Accordion Rockin!!

Rob Zappulla

Hi Cory, I heard about you from Tony Riccio & am checking out your music. WOW! You sound great!

Best, Rob

Bob Bowker

You are #1 on my bucket list for 2014!!

Fred Altomare

You and Yasmine were awesome in Cotati especially when you played into one another. The first two sets where Yasmine got into the musically was a killer. Yasmine said you want to make the accordion hip -- if that is the case, the Kimmel and Fallon shows are hip. You will change a lot of minds about the accordion and the violin because you and Yasmine ARE hip!!!

Joe Van Zandt

I have been playing the accordion since age 8 now 72). Studied under he late Andy Rizzo. Played professionally off and on but mostly play for my own entertainment an the leisure of friends at parties. My strong points are that I hear a song on and never forge it, so my song list has more than 1,000 titles. My only reason or writing is to tell you that, of all the accordionists I have heard, you are Hands down the BEST of them all. Better than the lte Art Van Dam, better than Myron Floren, better than Dick Contino. They made noise, you make music. And your version of Czzdas wih the young female violinist was imply outstanding.





Sylvester Johnson

Caught you on Meltzer Sports show 1/12 with your digital jazz accordian. Any CD's with new digital accordian?

Rob S.

Best bit on 98.5 ever. You will have an agent by end of next week. Congrats!

bren norris

ok two things.l.. I love your outrageous playing... I have a degree in music as well...piano....voice..

and two
who played with you yesterday at the cotati festival....the violinist who sang jealousy...what is her name I did 't see it in the progream.... missed you today not there yet and its after you played....


Kirsti Mäkelä

Congratulations! You are my favourite, a great player and the winner in Finlad.

Paul Astin

I love your duo on Donna Lee with the other accordianist. It's so relaxed and lyrical. Well done.

toma gabriel


Robert W. Desrosiers

Cory, you are a very special, very, very special. WOW, I love the accordion again after 50 years of waiting! You are just awesome, and I hope we can meet some day, you are the best Accordion player I have ever heard or seen. What a gem....a great musician. Just outstanding, as a piano player and organ player I wish I could hit those keys like you do...and keep the impeccable timing as well. A giant among musicians....he is! A one in a million, there is no one like him, no one. Roland should be So Very happy and pay him very Well for this treat! Go Cory....I love the Hammond sound, outstanding. A true genius!!! I hope some day I can meet you, it would be an honor.

David Schuehler

Hello Cory,

It was great meeting you at the ATG festival this past week. You are an insanely talented musician and master of the accordion. Your improvisational skills are astounding and a joy to watch. I purchased one of your CD's, but have yet had the opportunity to listen to it, although I'm sure it will be excellent. As I mentioned at the ATG festival, you should check out Alexander Shirunov ( - I especially like his arrangement for Carnivale (). I look forward to following your career and hearing you perform in the future.




Always enjoy your music, be it live at one of the various festivals you attend, or from one of the wonderful CD's of yours. Your playing is phenominal, and I look forward to witnissint your future success.

K :)

Rob Santospago

Hey Cory,
Your accordion performances are Fantastic! You are one Extremely Talented accordionist and more importantly musician. I must say this ... Move over Dick Contino, Tony Lovello, and Frank Marocco and make room for the new #1 in accordion, CORY PESATURO!

Rob Santospago

Denis R. Methot

My wife and I truly enjoyed your performances at the Park and Blackstone Theaters. I've played the accordion for many years and have seen the downward trend in its' popularity. But you show off the instrument in class act style. Classical, Ethnic and unparalled cutting edge jazz styling: all played with amazing dexterity, speed and accuracy. You are "connected" to your music and it shows when you play. There's something so different in your playing than others, and I'm not totally sure what it is.

God bless you,
Tiverton RI

please enter name DCK WATKINS

Geez Cory Pesaturo is GREAT!

Jimmy Keane

Hi Cory -- hope you are well. A friend of mine, Marta Cook, was telling me about you last night so I took the liberty of looking you up. I play Irish music on the PA (and with Marta at times). When I saw your pic and the Roland box I thought I may have seen you at the NAMM show in CA a year or two ago(Yes You did Jimmy). Anyway, just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that the stuff I heard on your site is brilliant! Keep up the great work -- hope we'll meet in person some day too...
All the best.

Frank Banko

Hey Cory:

You are a real leader for the accordion world. I applaud you as a 63 year old who has played since age 9. I love the V line!

Best wishes.

Frank Banko
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Justin Tarducci

Wow! I'm completely blown away by the way you play this instrument! I've recently purchased a used 120 bass piano accordion and am interested in taking lessons locally here in RI. I was wondering if you might have any suggestions or recomendations? I'm in love with everything about this instrument! Congratulations on your success and thank you for the inspiration!

Kevin Kurth

Cory -

I recently bought your album Crosswinds, and I love it. Bravo! There is a video of you on youtube playing a very interesting piece that sounds like a spanish guitar and bass. It is awesome! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. You are amazing!!

- Kevin

Stephen Collins

Hi Cory,
I'm Tracey's dad. Sorry we didn't get to meet you whilst you were in Auckland, but hope you had a great visit...and congrats on the win!
I know tracey enjoyed the experience of playing along with you. Hope you had a safe journey home?
Stephen Collins.

jon rickly

Yea....I meant Cookin' Burnin' it up!
which you guys do!!!
great stuff!

Keep the Faith!

Susan Sundstrom

I just saw your performance in Philipsburg Montana and couldn't believe that a talent like you visited our little celebration. It was miraculous!

I hope you come again!



You are the "Joe Satriani" of the keys man.

- Jerry

Rick Ramirez

Your accordian playing is nothing short of amazing. Have you ever played conjunto (tex-mex style)?? I'm putting together a worship and praise cd and your playing wuold be a wonderful addition!

- Rick

Rita Phillips

Hi Cory,

I had the pleasure to attend your performance on Saturday, January 24 at the Blackstone River Theatre in Cumberland.

You are a fabulous musician and I enjoyed every minute of the performance. The other musicians that were with you are absolutely wonderful too!!

Rita Phillips

Joseph Howell


Put that sweet video on YouTube - Maaaadon!

Maria-Helena Peixoto

Hi Cory, Love your web-site. Your pictures and music are Both Great.

Please let me know if you recievd some pic's I took of you and Aaron Caruso at the Boston's St Anthony's Fieast.



billy pesaturo

Hey Cory how are you doing? I have been searching for family and came across you. we share the same last name and am curious to find out how we are related. My fathers name is Vincenzo and he is from Benevento, Italy. hope to hear from you soon. I Love the music: It is Amazing!!

Adam Feldstein

I recently saw you play on stage in New York. I have been closely listening to accordionists for 40 years and I must say, there is something truly unique about the way you play compared to all the others I’ve heard over the years, and I'm not talking about your speed which goes without saying. Visually, you must have studied Dick Contino - Good Choice! You have an unbelievable future ahead of you, and I wish you the best.

Sandra and Forrest

We wanted to thank you for your performances at the Festival in Providence. You play the accordion like No other person we have Ever heard, going from old Italian songs to fast jazz and never missing a note! We also loved meeting your proud mom and grandfather. You are such a great credit to your generation and we are all proud of you!

Sharon DiFronzo

Hey Cory - Great work! I'm a singer from Medford, MA, originally from the North End of Boston. My mother is a Pesaturo - they are all from the North End. Any chance that we are related? Hey, we are both musicial. my website is and\sharioni. Please drop by when you can - maybe we're distant cousins! Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Sharon DiFronzo

Pete Hampton


You play just Out of this world! So much speed but Soo feeling and meaning. I'm also sure Noone can do quite what you do with that Roland box. Hope to have you again sometime!!


Dude. Psyched to discover your seemingly interesting music during the '08 F1 Spanish GP broadcast on SPEED in the US today. After Googling, stunned to see you had Lil' Rhody roots (like me!).

Charlie Nunzio Jr. (Son of the Last Living Pioneer/Legend of the Accordion)

Cory - Thanks for the great little concert at my dad's in New Jersey on Thursday. He was Thrilled with your music and delighted to see you, your dad and granddad. But hee was Truly Touched by your comment that he is the "Greatest Ever Accordion Teacher!" I hope this gets on your Guestbook so fans will know just what a kind and giving person you are. We so appreciated you travelling to NJ four hours at the crack of dawn, especially when you have a big gig coming up along with final exams and a show Saturday. Love ya', Charlie and Barbara

Michael Rea

Very nice to meet you at the Annex Club in New Haven, CT with Aaron Caruso.
I had a lot of fun hanging out with you young guys...
You, my friend are an amazing talent. Keep it up!
Michael Rea

ralph marcarelli

Dear Cory,

I'm sorry you were never properly presented at the crazy italian fest we had, and I admire your humility in not letting that faze you. I hope we'll have the opportunity to actually spend some civilised musical time together. I'm certain that you're as decent a human being as you are a Splendid musician. I'm thinking of doing a REAL Neapolitan concert with your participation. All the best,
Ralph Marcarelli


Great job at Festa di San Giuseppe on March 29th in New Haven!!


I'm from Venezuela and we had met in Bsoton. How are you!! I´m with the Simon Bolivar Orchestra. Hope to play with you sometime!!


Johnny Danati

Hey Cory,
Love the playing as usual. I really like the jazz innovations on Arrivederci Roma. Cool stuff. Maybe we could turn some of the italian songs upside down like that on a cd. Where's my link bro? Haha, I'll put you on my website. Talk to you soon.

Johnny Danati

romolo catalano

As a former accordion player (my brother and I played professionally for about 8 years, we were known as "Roman Twins) I found you to be one of the best!
By the way do you have perfect-pitch? (**No, but I do have good relative pitch**) I live in NY and near Maimi Florida......Do you ever play in these areas? Please let me know phone is 917-531-5038

Sandra and Forrest Blood

You were fantastic with Aaron on Saturday night. Hope to see you again soon!


Hey I finally checked your site out. Very very impressive i must say. I don't know how you accomplish all that you have and still have more sticky medals than I. Well you keep up the good work. I'll see you around on XBL.


Hey i've been looking into the freesledding mountain cause i love to sled. But i was just wondering where it is and when it would be open. Thanks

Patty Ball

I can't believe I live in Boston, I'm a former accordion player now switched to keyboard, jazz lover, and haven't heard about you before. Came across you accidentally in YouTube. Makes we want to play accordion again. I'd love to know when you'll be back in the Boston area. I will defintely be there! Great sounds!!

Bruce Triggs

Hi, from Vancouver, Canada,

We have a little radio show out here Accordion Noir, and we'd be happy to play your stuff if you get us some. I read your recent Boston Globe (?) review, and we're talking with the Roland people about coming on our show, so it'll be nice to hear some of that stuff.

I voted for Art Tatum in your survey; it was interesting how evenly the results were devided. Matter of taste I guess. Fun

Bruce Triggs, Accordion Noir crime reporter

Accordion Noir: world/alt/accordion.
Friday 9:30-10:30 PM 102.7 FM

Accordion Noir
CFRO: Co-op Radio
110 - 360 Columbia St.
Vancouver, BC V6A 4J1

"Ruthlessly pursuing the idea that the accordion is just another instrument."

Noah Schaffer

Do you have an email list for announcing upcoming shows? If so please add me to it. thanks!

susan alves

Hey Cory,
It's G! So sorry that I wasn't around last weekend to attend the show at Chan's. I did steal Mrs. Suchodolski's CD, though and love it! I especially like your original.
I'd love to buy a CD but I'll have to insist on having it signed. :) Let me know how I can do that.
Wishing you all the best!

Ralph Aresti

I am an old accordion player - not as good as you! - but I love what you are doing and would like your CDs. If you have some type of email system that announces new releases, please put me on the list. And Thanks!!!

Lorna Bronhard

when will you be performing in the Boston/Cambridge area??? Looking forward to purchasing your CD's

Fabulous!! Good luck, you have a bright future!


I was reading a blog you wrote for WPRI about a thunderstorm a few weeks ago in Cumberland. I laughed, because I'm right in Woonsocket and my kids woke up Really scared (well me too). It was an amazing storm that lasted forever, and it was awesome that you blogged it!! I took picutes and of the storm and posted them. Hope all is well on all fronts!

Deanna Moceo

Read your site Cory.
Very, very, impressive.
Keep up the excellent work.
If you are ever in New York, please
give us a call, we would love to
see you!



Here's Dave's website...the link for his MySpace is there..

You're website is great!! Happy Early Birthday, too!!!
Paula & Ron

Al Rolandi

It was indeed our pleasure to meet you in Milwaukee. We had a blast at "Casa Rolandi" and hope to see you again next year.
Best regards!!


Sandra and Forrest

Cory -
You were absolutely wonderful in Milwaukee. On Sunday, we saw your concert and then we saw you perform with Frank Tenaglia and later with Aaron Caruso. You were all over the Festa and everyone was Amazed with your talent. We seldom see someone who plays the accordian so well and then the sax and clarinet fantastic. Thank you for all the great entertainment!! See you at Sergio's...

claire giannamore vp italian american historical society

Dear Cory
Some of us saw you at the Mario Lanza concert at RIC. You were fabulous!!
We are planning some events in October on Friday evenings at Via Roma and we would love to speak with you about performing at one of them.
Please contact me at 401-272-0001 or by email.
Claire Giannamore

blade jones

Trippy vibes man

Donald J. Boland

Hey Cory,

Really Nice Site!
The Four Freshmen

Hi Cory,

I had the pleasure of attending your performance Saturday night. While the entire evening was wonderful, I especially enjoyed seeing you play - you were amazing and I loved every minute! Your dedication and hard work added to your incredible talent will most certainly bring you continued success.

Congratulations and best wishes!!

PS. I have your CD and its great - hope this is one of many to come!